HALT Action Group

HALT Action Group, an artist-run organization voicing against President Trump, continues to push back against the President’s Twitter comments, ideology, and administration for fear that the country will slowly slide into amnesia.

The group includes painter Marilyn Minter, gallery director Alissa Bennett, and pscyhoanalyst and cultural writer Jamieson Webster, curator Alison Gingeras, and graffiti artist KATSU. KATSU created this poster to memorialize (and not forget) the President’s revulting comments recorded on live mic during filming of “Access Hollywood” (2005). They have been plastered all over NYC in obvservance of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

#dearivanka is a project where they target the Ivanka Trump on Instagram. The account receives posts directed @dearivanka that articulate some of the fears and injustices, petitioning to her as the “First Lady”, the real female representative of a frightful family administration.

Frank, Priscilla. “The Activist Artists Behind This Viral Trump Poster Refuse To Have Presidential Amnesia“. Huffington Post. March 3, 2017.

Brooks, Katherine. “Artists To Ivanka Trump: We Need To Talk About Your ‘Daddy’” Huffington Post. December 8, 2016.



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