Iiu Susiraja, Girl on Girl

Iiu Susiraja reently published a photographic collection edited by writer and editor Charlotte Jansen, called Girl On Girl. The premise of the art book is simple: Jansen collected together photos of women, taken by women. Images make our story, with women behind the lens, they make their own story.

“Many of the women here do dismantle the typical idea of women’s beauty, and some attack that notion quite viciously. That’s useful, because it starts to open up discussions about how narrow our images of women really are. It also shows up the extent to which femininity is molded into something palatable for commercial gain,” Jansen said. “But I think it’s also important to say that women don’t only use their bodies and the grotesque to make a statement about beauty. That interpretation would be another simplification of what women do.”

The collection also features a bevy of selfies and portraits of women posing nude, a tradition that’s historically been in line with the concept of the muse, an idealized vision of womanly appeal. 

“Women want to be able to celebrate the pure forms of their bodies, just as men have been allowed to for centuries. What’s interesting is whatever we do now with nudity as women is also compared to that male lineage in art history, so women artists can’t avoid interacting with the established male idea of the female nude,” Jansen said.

Quoted from Crum, Maddie. “Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection”The Huffington Post. April 06, 2017.


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