Mary Mattingly

b124e0ee828d1a7a254ece88130d141fInspired by patterns of global human migration and pilgrimage, merging with environmental concerns, the Flock House Project (2012)  at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts is a group of mobile, sculptural, public habitats and self-contained ecosystems that are movable, modular, and scalable. This multi-phase project is part fantastic and part practical. It proposes a creative design solution to political and economic sustainability and border anxiety with migratory homes that are autonomous systems for rainwater collection and food production. It envisions a future where these mobile modular units are building blocks of community.

The Flock House Project was constructed and presented in New York City, NY (2012 – 2015) locations including Battery Park in Manhattan, the Bronx Museum of the Arts in the Bronx, 125 Maiden Lane in Manhattan, Seward Park in Manhattan, Pearl Street Triangle in Brooklyn, and Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens.

Mattingly’s website here.


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