Azzah Sultan

21 year old artist, Azzah Sultan, came to the United States to study at the Parsons School of Design, NY in 2012 from Malaysia. Her experience of Islamaphobia has fueled a body of work. The components of her graduate oeuvre deal with the stigmatization and categorization of Muslims in America.

This work, titled Home Sweet Home (2016), is a hand-stitched American flag comprised of donated veils from Muslim women.

The artist explains, “In creating this flag, I am reinforcing my views that being a Muslim does not make one any less an American. Faith, ethnicity, and a particular place or country of residence reveal three separate and independent ways in which we are defined.”


Another work of Sultan’s is a video titled Muslimah Medid Watch. It is a fictional news correspondence with five other Muslim women in Belgium, France, India, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates. Here, masking fiction in reality, opens it up to itnerpretation as such. This is the idea f parafiction, in which fiction is presented as facts. Often, this action lends itself to shaping reality. Creating her own fictional news is a counter argument to the obstacles for Muslim women speaking out against misconceptions leveled against them on broad-based media platforms in the West.

The artist website here.



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