S. A. Bachman and David John Attyah, Social Practice art

THINK AGAIN is an artist-activist collaborative founded in 1997 by S.A. Bachman + David John Attyah. THINK AGAIN expects something political from art and uses images to challenge indifference. It produces public art interventions that recruit artmaking in the service of public address and combines grassroots politics, culture theory, hard sociological evidence and humor to create a visual language for talking about public life.

THINK AGAIN has organized mobile billboard and public projection campaigns throughout the United States and their printed matter is distributed free-of-charge through art spaces, grassroots community organizations, unions and the internet. Many of its projects privilege face-to-face interactions: handing out postcards at Pride parades, parking mobile billboards in front of City Halls and sending digital posters to activists mobilizing against the war machine.

THINK AGAIN views cultural work as essential to affecting social change and engaging people in the political process. Its projects have explored a unique range of issues including economic inequality, undocumented labor and the treatment of immigrants, queer liberation, racism, militarization, gentrification and displacement, gender parity and the ways capitalism and misogyny conspire to jeopardize women.

quoted from: http://www.sabachman.com/think-again

ACTIONS SPEAK, outdoor projection, Worcester Museum of Art


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