David Tartakover, Israel

Tartakover created the Peace Now logo in 1978, the iconic peace emblem in Israel for decades now. The two typefaces create a union of opposites in society, a serif ‘Koren’ of “Shalom” to stand for the traditional, scriptural aspect and a sans-serif ‘Haim’ of “Achshav” for the modernized, secular aspect. Emblematic of the peace movement’s desire for a two state solution.


Originally the design was simply “Shalom” when Tartakover sent it to a national poster competition to commemorate Thirty Years of Independence in ’78.”Achshav” (“Now”) was tacked on to the sign for a more urgent message in a peace rally in Tel Aviv that same year. The rally and the poster slogan “Shalom Achshav” gave rise to the purpose and the name of the Peace Now movement, an NGO activist group, which formed during this time of Israeli-Egyptain peace talks. In the last decades, Peace Now has remained vocal in the Invasion of Lebanon, the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacres, and the First and Second Intifadas.

Jansen, Charlotte. “David Tartakover: Peace Now and Peace Then“. 2015.

More on Tartakover here. More on Peace Now here.


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