Naomi Natale, One Million Bones

Social practice artist Naomi Natale has co-founded the social justice organization The Art of Revolution which leverages the power of art to inspire and mobilize activism for a variety of issues. One of the projects was One Million Bones. This large-scale social arts event combines education, community engagement in handmaking the biodegradable bones and in sponsoring the project, and installation. On June 2013, for a duration of three days, one million bones were placed on the lawn of the National Mall. The sight was meant to draw attention to the mass genocides in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, and Somalia, making ineluctable atrocities against humanity, startling the American civic consciousness by forcing an uncomfortable nearness to crimes perpetrated so remotely. Also paired with the installation event, was a circuit of speakers, workshops, an advocacy day on Capitol Hill led by Enough Project, and a candlelight vigil to honor victims and survivors. The production of the bones generated financial gift of around $500,000 for CARE, an organization doing work on the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.

This project is an exemplary case of art actualizing social change.

dsc06049gallery-jpgThe One Million Bones installation on the National Mall in Washington DC, USA.

One Millions Bones  website.

Karen, Eng. “Bones of Remembrance: Fellows Friday with Naomi Natale.” TEDBlog. 24 May 2013.

Chicago Ideas video.

More information on activism in Sudan.

Perry, Alex. “George Clooney’s War: The Filmstar’s Activism in Sudan“. Irish Examiner. 01 Nov 2014.


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