Murad Sobay, Yemen

Street artist Murad Sobay launched a call to action in his ’12th Hour’ campaign which addresses twelve cultural concerns in Yemen through street murals/ paintings/ graffiti in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. Issues of gun violence, sectarianism, and enforced disappearances (i.e. state executed kidnappings) featured in the first three hours.

This form of nonviolent protest has surged through social media and has mobilized a Yemeni community that has taken to the streets in solidarity.

In ‘the walls remember’ portion of the campaign, part of the third hour focus on enofrced disappearances, Sobay invited people to stencil the image of their missing loved ones on the walls.


Pictured here, the Yemeni flag being painted over the word “sectarianism” in the ‘second hour’.


12th Hour Graffiti Campaign in Yemen Surfaces Political Concern“. Designboom. 27 Aug 2013.

Street Artist Embarks On 12 Hour Graffiti Campaign To Address The Future Of Yemen“. Huffington Post. 30 Aug 2013.


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