Jessica Lagunas, Guatemala

Lagunas is a Guatemalan artist who processes contemporary women’s experience in her multimedia art. Her art often has elements that pertain specifically to Guatemalan women but the themes relate to women globally.

Her work is often meticulous and repetitive. Her media spans video, installation, embroidery and drawing, book arts and printmaking, and art objects. There is a feminine thread that weaves throughout.

Past projects have centered on beauty rituals, gender gap in the workplace, domestic violence and marital status.

Recent investigative work into the femicide crime statistics in Guatemala culminated in a hand embroidered and bound book Feminicidio en Guatemala. The book incorporated red threat embroidered on white lace pages, coptic binding technique, and copperplate style calligraphy. The time intensive process is typical of her working style. She has stated that her intention is to bring awareness to the atrocity and honor the lives of the victims.

In 2015, Lagunas spoke at an Amnesty International Conference where this artist book launched a discussion on the pressing issue of femicide.1

For a complete artist statement and look at her oeuvre, Lagunas’ website is accessed here.

1Amnesty International. “Here and There: Guatemalan Diaspora Through Activism and Art.” 22 Oct 2015.


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