Daniel Arzola, Venezuela

The Venezuelan artist Daniel Arzola creates poster art intended to break down gender stereotypes in pursuit of an egalitarian vision of human rights.

Understanding the I’m Not a Joke series is reenforced by the artist’s statement that “Mockery is perhaps the most institutionalized form of violence that ever existed”.1

The “I’m Not a Joke” series was a rebellion against media in Venezuela, which Arzola said had a the lack of LGBTQ representation and showed LGBTQ people as stereotypes. Artivism became Arzola’s response to violence, a way to “fight back” using nonviolent action.2

The campaign poster series has been translated into over 20 languages and received global social media attention.

Nichols, JamesMichael. This Artist Is Using ‘Artivism’ To Break Down Queer Stigma And Stereotypes” . Huffington Post. 23 Aug 2015.

Fernando, Madeleine. “Daniel Arzola Discusses Intersection of Art and Activism at NUCHR event“. The Daily Northwestern. 16 Jan 2017.

The artist’s Tumblr account may be viewed here.


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