Adejoke Tugbiyele, Nigeria

Nigerian American artist and LGBTQ activist Ade Tugbiyele created the film AfroOdyssey IV: 100 Years Later in reaction to Nigeria’s enactment of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in 2016. This act extends past gay marriage (which it penalizes with 14 year imprisonment) and bans gay association, violating the right to assembly. The film explores queer life in the midst of religious fanaticism, focusing on both subtle and overt machinations of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria.


She is currently affiliated with The Initiative for Equal Rights, a Nigerian NGO which “takes a very hands-on approach to providing immediate emergency assistance for LGBT people, ranging from counseling to housing or bailing out innocent people who have been wrongly jailed.” Tugbiyele has also served as the U.S. representative for Solidarity Alliance for Human Rights, a coalition of Nigerian LGBT-focused, human rights and HIV/AIDS organizations.

Images of her sculpture feature in the group exhibit No Such Place: Contemporary African Artists in America in NYC.

Maiello, Lia Petridis. “Nigerian-American Artist and LGBT Activist Ade Addresses Nigeria’s President for Criminalizing and Maltreating Gays“. Huffington Post. 02 Feb 2016.

AfroOdyssey’s Facebook page.


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