Alshaab alsori aref tarekh (‘The Syrian People Know Their Way’)

This anonymous collective of Syrian artists use the powerful vocabulary of poster design to create protest art.

They exhibited ‘Culture in Defiance: Continuing the Tradition of Satire, Art, and Struggle in Syria’ at the RichMix gallery in 2013, during the second year of civil war under the regime of Bashar Al-Asad. The posters, paintings, and graffiti art testified to the pain felt by the displaced Syrian people.


The poster’s phrase translates to “I’m taking to the streets to posters”. The indiscriminate need to speak out against the violence resulted in posters depicting men and women and children in action.

This article by the Independent gives a brief overview of the exhibit and this article by the Islamic Arts Magazine describes the exhibit in more depth and in context of the energetic Syrian art scene in London.


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